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  • The best WordPress Security

    Our WordPress security plan is ideal for all types of websites, whether you are a large ecommerce store or a simple blogging site. Our cloud-based platform gives you complete website security, including an Antivirus and a Web Application Firewall (WAF), protecting you from hacks and DDoS attacks, in real time.

    WordPress is highly targeted by hackers because of its popularity and the lack of security awareness from many site owners. A hacked website can cause irreversible damage to a business, such as loss of earnings, wounding brand reputation, breaching GDPR, and worst-case, completely wiping your data from existence. That’s scary stuff.

  • There’s more to our security plan

    Not only does our security platform protect and monitor your website, it also offers a highly optimised CDN with smart caching options, improving page speed across the world. We think that’s pretty awesome.

    Also, do you suffer from a bombardment of spam emails, comments and registrations each day? Fear no more, our anti-spam protection will sort that out for you instantly. It even works without the need for captcha fields or other annoying anti-spam prevention methods. Your customers won’t even notice. The days of selecting squares containing traffic lights or copying distorted text, are over.

  • What happens if my WordPress website is hacked?

    In the unlikely event that your website is compromised, no sweat, we will have it cleaned up in no time, completely free of charge without any data loss. This is probably the most compelling reason for choosing a security plan with us. You will have total peace of mind that your website will be recovered and restored to good health by WordPress security experts in a jiffy.

Web Application Firewall

Defend your website against hacks and DDoS attacks with our WAF.

Free Hack Cleanups

We quickly remove any malicious code in your website files and database.

Content Delivery Network

Improve website speed with our caching and global content delivery network.

Anti-Spam Protection

No Captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles. Just no spam!

Monthly reports that keep you in the loop

We believe in transparency and honesty, so whether you have a maintenance plan, security plan, support plan or a mixture of plans, you will receive a monthly report detailing what’s been done on your account. This is useful for a number of reasons, such as simply staying informed, a record of historical data, proof of results, proof of worth and shareable stats to show off about. Check out our sample report by clicking the link below.


What our clients say about us

Wayne Clarke

I can simply email over a set of tasks and it’s done within a day. Worth their weight in gold!

Wayne Clarke

Bhav Reddy

We have the Eagle plan which pretty much covers everything, it’s a massive weight of our minds and we can just focus on our business now.

Bhav Reddy

Savannah Johnson

We couldn’t be happier with the service. We only wish we found you sooner.

Savannah Johnson

Susan Cross

What can I say, they are just awesome. You won’t find a better team to look after your website than these guys. 5 stars!

Susan Cross

Frequently asked questions

Does a security plan really improve site speed?

With this plan, you will benefit from a highly optimised content delivery network and smart caching options, which almost always has a significant positive effect on site speed for our clients.

Can my website still get hacked with the WAF?

Everything is possible, although it’s much more unlikely you will get hacked with the Firewall in place. However, if you do get hacked, having a security plan means we will clean and restore your website back to full health for free.

How can spam be eliminated without a captcha?

Once a comment, contact form, registration form etc, is submitted, the details are sent to cloud servers and cross checked with a huge database of IP addresses and smart filters. This all happens in seconds and the user does not notice a thing.

How do you enable the Web Application Firewall?

We simply change you’re A record to our firewall IP and install a WordPress plugin. The firewall will intercept and block any dangerous traffic before it reaches your hosting IP address.

How do I get started?


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We’ll do the rest

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