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WordPress Cloud Hosting

Super fast hosting that is perfect for WordPress.

  • Need a reliable WordPress hosting solution?

    We have the perfect place to nest your website where it will receive the ultimate care and attention it deserves. Your website will be able to spread its wings and reach new heights with our super-fast G10 HPE servers and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, take our word for it, they’re very quick!

    Our cloud hosting “nests” are allocated dedicated resources, so websites are not competing for limited resources like shared hosting websites do. All of the websites on our cloud hosting servers are maintained by us and closely monitored to ensure they are running at optimum speed and efficiency.


  • Feature rich and built for WordPress

    As well as rapid speeds, our specialised WordPress hosting has a built-in security feature which notifies us of plugin updates and security vulnerabilities so we can patch them immediately. Another worthy feature to mention is Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates that can be installed instantly onto your website, free of charge.

    We offer a free migration with any website you want to move over to our hosting platform and we will manage the whole transition process for you. Once your website is on our server it will benefit from all the features mentioned above, plus a 99.995% uptime.

Free Migrations

Don’t lift a finger while we move your website from one server to another.

Daily Backups

Automatic onsite and offsite backups so your website is always recoverable.

Free SSL Certificates

Put a padlock of security around your website to encrypt data transfer.

99.995% uptime

Thanks to our G10 HPE servers and multi-core Intel Xeon processors.

Monthly reports that keep you in the loop

We believe in transparency and honesty, so whether you have a maintenance plan, security plan, support plan or a mixture of plans, you will receive a monthly report detailing what’s been done on your account. This is useful for a number of reasons, such as simply staying informed, a record of historical data, proof of results, proof of worth and shareable stats to show off about. Check out our sample report by clicking the link below.


What our clients say about us

Wayne Clarke

I can simply email over a set of tasks and it’s done within a day. Worth their weight in gold!

Wayne Clarke

Bhav Reddy

We have the Eagle plan which pretty much covers everything, it’s a massive weight of our minds and we can just focus on our business now.

Bhav Reddy

Savannah Johnson

We couldn’t be happier with the service. We only wish we found you sooner.

Savannah Johnson

Susan Cross

What can I say, they are just awesome. You won’t find a better team to look after your website than these guys. 5 stars!

Susan Cross

Frequently asked questions

Will you keep onsite and offsite backups of my website?

Absolutely, you can never be too careful when it comes to disaster recovery.

Can I have FTP access to my site?

You can, however, this can mean that your maintenance or security plans become void if you damage or weaken the website yourself, resulting in us having to repair it.

What information will you need from me?

Usually all we need is access to your hosting and domain accounts. Sometimes we may need additional details but we will determine that based on our initial analysis.

Do you host emails too?

We don’t unfortunately. It’s not a service we provide but we are more than happy to give our recommendations and help you set everything up if you have a support plan.

How do I get started?


Sign up

Simply select your package and create an account.


Quick chat

Let us introduce ourselves and explain a few things.


Provide access

We will need login details for your hosting and domain.


We’ll do the rest

Sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

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